The Holocaust a Soldiers's Perspective: Dick Dutro
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Summary:   Dr. Richard Dutro- Lakewood Educator, Dachau Liberator. Dr. Richard Dutro's life is one that has been filled with the rich experiences of helping other people, particularly in Lakewood's educational community.In all this time, however, Richard has had a secret of his own...something in his past that he did not talk about for many years...something that he experienced as a young teen-aged replacement soldier in the American 7th army, in the closing days of th e Second World War.Although Dachau was primarily intended as a punishment and work camp rather than one of the later extermination camps, near the end of the war, a great many prisoners from many countries flooded into Dachau from other camps, as the Nazis tried to hide the evidence of their atrocities from the advancing Allies. This powerful scene is what greeted the first Americans to arrive at Dachau on 29 April, 1945. Richard arrived on the following day. What the American liberators experienced, they would never forget.

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