The INFOhio Digital Video Collection is available to all Ohio K-12 schools at no cost to districts, educators or students.

Use the current INFOhio Core Collection username and password or your school district username and password, if prompted.

  • Integrated Search – Search by keyword searches all MARC record fields. Click Search on the menu above.
  • Quick Title Search – Alphabetical list of all full title videos are shown on the right. Select a title to view the video and all of its related segments.

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Technical Specifications for viewing the videos

The DVC is platform independent, which means, it doesn’t matter what type of computer you’re using, the DVC will allow you to either download videos or View them immediately. 

Can schools download videos to local servers for permanent access?

No, this is a violation of copyright. Permanent downloads will result in producers no longer selling digital videos to this and other consortia for unlimited statewide access.

Why is a username/password required?

These videos have been purchased and made available for use by the Ohio K-12 community only. The use of a username and password to access the videos ensures that licensing agreements are met and copyright is not violated. For computers with IP addresses registered with an Ohio Information Technology Center (ITC), a username and password are not needed. For home use and non-registered schools, use the current INFOhio Core Collection username and password, if prompted. Contact your ITC or your school librarian or media specialist if you need that information.

Have questions?

For more information about the Digital Video Collection, contact INFOhio Technical Support at support@infohio.org.