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The INFOhio Digital Video Collection is available at no cost to all Ohio educators, parents, and students.

What are the best ways to find videos in the DVC?

  • Search: Click Search on the menu above to search by keyword.
  • Browse: Use the Recent Playlists on the right to browse videos by topic. Select a title from each playlist to view the video and all of its related segments.

How can I view all the videos available?

What type of device do I need to download or stream a video?

Because the DVC is platform independent, the DVC will allow you to either download videos or view them immediately regardless of what type of computer you are using.

Can schools download videos to local servers for permanent access?

Saving videos to a server is a copyright violation. Please stream or download based on the current need for instruction.

Why is a username/password required?

INFOhio licenses and purchases content on behalf of Ohio schools and families. For additional support logging in watch the video, Logging In to Access Digital Content from INFOhio.

Have questions?

For more information about the INFOhio Digital Video Collection, contact INFOhio Support at