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Summary:   Dirt, sand, and rock from the Earth's surface gets blown, sliced, torn, swallowed and distributed all over the world. What was yesterdays hill is tomorrows flat plain. The planet looks a lot different than it did when it formed four and a half billion years ago. The force of erosion, the slow wearing away of the land, has never ceased. The tools of erosion are the atmosphere and the oceans. They provide the planet with weather wind, rain, snow and ice. Weather pelts the surface of the Earth, wearing it down little by little. Rainwater flowing over the ground quickly turns brown as it takes rocks and soil along with it for the ride. As wind barrels against a cliff, tiny particles of the rock get blown away with it. Car exhaust gases fill rain clouds with acid rain, which dissolves away rocks with each falling drop.

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Series:Bill Nye the Science Guy
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