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Length: 20:11 | HS C  | Views: 242

This program introduces students to a variety of the world's aquatic biomes. The characteristics of saltwater and freshwater environments are clearly described, as are the plants and animals that call these watery regions home. The importance of evolution ...

Length: 17:17 | MS HS C A  | Views: 566

By comparing and contrasting arid and semi-arid regions, this program provides students with a balanced picture of what the Earth's desert biomes are like. The program also investigates how the few plants and animals that inhabit these ecosystems survive ...

Length: 17:03 | MS HS C A  | Views: 297

This program can help students learn to identify the climates, life-forms, and behavioral adaptations that go with each type of grassland biome. Factors that threaten the survival of these habitats' distinctive animal communities--and of the ecosystems ...

Length: 20:05 | MS HS C A  | Views: 452

Through this program, students can expand their understanding of rainforests and how their inhabitants live. Special attention is given to the threats to these incredibly rich ecosystems, home to more than half of the different kinds of animals and ...

Length: 22:37 | MS HS C A  | Views: 176

Explore the basic steps in scientific methodology: defining the problem and forming a hypothesis, experiments and observations, analyzing data, forming conclusions and communicating results.

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