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Length: 19:47 | ES MS HS C A  | Views: 1585

This program explains concepts related to minerals and their properties, rocks and the rock cycle, igneous and metamorphic rocks, and sedimentary rocks.

Length: 23:35 | ES MS  | Views: 3734

Actress Jenna von Oy ("Blossom") guest stars in this episode, which finds Bill Nye going to the depths of the earth (literally) to explain how the Earth's surface and its inner mantle differ.

Length: 30:02 | ES MS  | Views: 521

Share an exciting adventure with two kids, Sandy and Crystal, as they go searching for "Mica's Magic Gemstone." Along the way Sandy and Crystal meet four very interesting characters: Mica-the tour guide, Sir Sediment-ruler of the sedimentary rocks, ...

Length: 23:31 | ES MS  | Views: 8660

Don't take it for "granite" when Bill Nye unearths the solid facts on volcanoes, landslides, tectonic plates, rivers, weather and their varied effects on the creation of rocks and soil. Check out how to unearth fossils in sedimentary rocks and soil and ...

Length: 13:20 | ES MS  | Views: 279

This newly revised program teaches students how rocks are formed, what shapes the rocks take, how the form of the rocks help us understand its history and how minerals form rocks.

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