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Length: 03:57 | MS HS C A  | Views: 206

Botanists study all types of plants and often work outdoors as well as in labs to gather samples of evidence to test their hypotheses. They can help to increase our knowledge of plants for farming and study the effects of pollution. This career requires ...
Computer programmer

Length: 04:08 | MS HS C A  | Views: 345

Computer Programmers write directions that tell computers how to operate and what functions to perform. They can read programs to find problems or add on to existing programs to make software and hardware perform better. This career requires at least ...

Length: 03:38 | MS HS C A  | Views: 29

An Electrician uses technical diagrams and their knowledge of electricity to install and maintain wiring in homes and buildings. They can work alone or on a crew to complete larger jobs. This career requires a high school diploma and an apprenticeship. ...

Length: 03:28 | MS HS C A  | Views: 25

Many Hydrologists work to provide safe water for drinking, while others study how to prevent flooding and droughts or how to use dams to create electricity. They use their knowledge of geology, chemistry and computer modeling to help us better understand ...
Industrial organizational psychologist

Length: 04:10 | MS HS C A  | Views: 15

An Industrial Organizational Psychologist studies human interactions in the workplace with the goal of improving the performance, safety and health of workers and increasing job satisfaction. They often focus on practices such as hiring and training ...

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