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Found 29 videos matching Human body systems at work. Videos 1 - 5 are shown below

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Brain and nervous system your information superhighway

Length: 31:48 | HS C A  | Views: 145

Defines and explains the brain and nervous system with an emphasis on how they enable us to perform everyday activities. Comparisons to computers and the Internet help the viewer understand the mechanics and functions of the brain and nervous system. ...
Muscular system the inner athlete

Length: 24:09 | HS C A  | Views: 83

This program looks at the many important roles played by the muscle and skin in our everyday lives. Includes muscles and movement; types of muscle contraction and movement; muscles and posture; homeostasis and the integumentary system; and the functions ...
Bones and muscles

Length: 20:25 | ES MS  | Views: 307

Explores the major characteristics of the skeletal and muscular systems. Discusses the different types of joints and gives examples of how we use our joints. Terminology and concepts presented include: tissue, periosteum, compact bone, marrow, calcium, ...
Circulation and respiration

Length: 19:18 | MS  | Views: 1106

The way blood vessels transport blood throughout the body is explained through animations. The importance of monitoring the cardiovascular system and modern methods of doing so are also discussed. The features of blood are examined in detail. Terminology ...
Digestion and excretion

Length: 19:28 | ES MS  | Views: 59

Categories of nutrients are summarized using common everyday examples of the foods we eat. Graphic demonstrations are used to illustrate the organs and the process of digestion and excretion of waste. Terminology and concepts presented include: nutrients, ...

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