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Ultimate power evil rising

Length: 45:00 | HS C A  | Views: 579

How did Adolf Hitler--an Austrian of little means and meager prospects--rise to absolute power in post-World War I Germany? Did the nation's economic and political situation make it inevitable? This ABC News program, anchored by Peter Jennings, traces ...
Ultimate power the race

Length: 45:00 | HS C A  | Views: 189

The race to invent the atomic bomb is documented against the backdrop of World War II and Hiroshima. It shows how the allied scientists of the Manhattan Project made it possible, the technological hurdles they overcame, the moral issues they confronted, ...
No man's land the great war.

Length: 45:00 | HS C A  | Views: 125

The optimism that fueled the early years of the 20th century vanished as America was drawn into "The War to End All Wars." This program presents the grim story of World War I, including the Bolshevik revolution, which led to Russia's withdrawal from ...
Memphis dreams Searching for the promised land

Length: 33:13 | HS C A  | Views: 78

This ABC News program, anchored by Peter Jennings, reveals the tragic story of the African-American experience, documenting the brutal reality of slavery, the milestones in the heroic struggle for fundamental rights and self-esteem, and the killing of ...
Seeds of change

Length: 46:03 | HS C A  | Views: 43

This program explores when William McKinley was President, a loaf of bread cost only a few cents, horsepower really meant horsepower, flying to the moon was the stuff of dreams, and the average life span was only 45 years, while looking ahead to the ...

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