Logging In / Accessing Videos

You must use either the INFOhio username/password or your school district username/password.  In many cases, if you are at a school, you may click the green "Try IP Login" button on the right side of most pages.

If you are unable to login using your IP and you do not know the INFOhio or your school district username/password, you may lookup your username/password using the "Find My Password" tool on the INFOhio at

Once you are logged into the INFOhio web site, you will also be logged into the Digital Video Collection site so you will not have to retype your username/password.

If you have problems accessing the videos,  please email

Quick Help

Required Software:

Nearly any combination of hardware/software will work with the DVC so long as you have a current web browser. The following software is needed to view and/or download the DVC digital videos:

Browser Compatibility:

IE8 USERS: The DVC no longer supports IE8. Windows XP/IE8 users are encouraged to use Firefox, Chrome, Safari or your favorite mobile browser to access all the great DVC videos.

If you are able to read this page, you likely have all the software you need to view and download the videos on the DVC. Any computer with a current web browser can view and download videos. The browsers listed above have been tested successfully.

Supported Platforms:

The DVC has been developed to support all web-enabled devices that use any of the browsers listed above.  If you are unable to use the DVC with your device, please email


Videos have been published in formats supported by nearly all devices.  If you are having difficulties viewing a video, it is possible your network connection may be too slow.  For this reason, we have provided download buttons for each video.  Downloading a video will save the video to your own device where you can then view it without having to rely on your network connection.  Many mobile devices do not allow you to save files from the WEB directly to the device.  You will be unable to download to those devices. 

If you are unable to view or download the videos or if you have additional questions, please contact INFOhio Support.