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Effective Teaching with Technology: Grade 5, Language Arts

Length: 04:02 | ES MS HS C A  | Views: 55

Ashley Rables' class at Huber Ridge Elementary School in Westerville, Ohio runs smoothly on the station-rotation model of blended learning. She leads a 15 to 20-minute lesson in the classroom focusing on reading skills before students rotate through ...
Effective Teaching with Technology: Grade 4, Math

Length: 03:10 | ES MS HS C A  | Views: 40

Michael Stuckey puts a high priority on formative assessment in his Grade 4 math class. A favorite resource for him is Plickers, a simple tool for collecting real-time assessment data with cards. Its been especially helpful for adapting lessons for the ...
Effective Teaching with Technology: Grade 9, Science

Length: 03:59 | ES MS HS C A  | Views: 14

Kaylee Jones, Grade 9, Science at Olentangy STEM Academy operates a flipped classroom. She records her lessons, posts them on line and requires students to watch a given lesson over the weekend. Flipping the classroom gives her time during the week to ...
Effective Teaching with Technology: Grade 9-11, Spanish

Length: 03:50 | ES MS HS C A  | Views: 28

To Erin Hunkemoellers students, the iPad is a classroom staple at Northmont High School. Every student is provided a device. Students use it daily to organize notes, engage in interactive learning, practice speaking and writing Spanish and do research ...
Effective Teaching with Technology: Grade 11, Post-secondary Planning

Length: 02:55 | ES MS HS C A  | Views: 41

Susan Lee, Olentangy Liberty High School, approached post-secondary planning with a hybrid model incorporating an online course, EnvisionIT, with a traditional course. It allows students to learn at their own pace, online, and to work on selected assignments ...

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